Custom icons will help your website stand out from the crowd.

In today’s world of templated websites, one way to stand out is to incorporate custom designed icons and illustrations. I’m not talking about the little search icon up in the header or the left and right arrows in your photo gallery – these can (and should) use your favorite symbol font – like font awesome – so they can be styled using CSS and be fully responsive. I’m talking about the icons and illustrations many sites use to represent everything from their customers to markets served to what their company does – their products, services and capabilities.
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Many website themes come with symbol fonts already queued up and ready to use and stock image libraries have symbol sets available for instant use so it’s no wonder why so many sites miss the opportunity to differentiate themselves using custom designed icons.

When I do come across a site using their own designed icons, it’s obvious and refreshing. You can spot them right away because the icons will look fresh and consistent. They’ll often invoke a style that complements the brand and gives the site a unique flavor – sorely missing in today’s instant gratification world of templated sites.

I always advise my clients to take every opportunity to differentiate themselves from the competition and custom designed icons is one of my favorite ways to do this and doesn’t have to be a major investment of time and resources. In fact, modern design trends favor simpler drawing styles with mono weight lines and flat, simple renderings – without too much detail.

Try incorporating custom icons on your next website project and you’ll be happy you did.

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