I’ve heard a lot about MVP website development recently – is this right for my next web project?

The MVP website model takes it’s cue from traditional product development where Minimal Viable Product or MVP is a means of distilling a product to it’s core required features in an effort to bring that product to market quickly (or for prototype testing) in a state that is “minimally viable” to reduce initial costs in development while allowing for real customer feedback to influence further development and advanced feature sets.
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The idea being to identify what works before over investing in both time (market window) and resources (cost) only to discover that you didn’t have all the right answers to begin with and need to pivot away to something different to achieve your goals.

What I usually tell my clients is that modern web design and trends seem to be going this direction anyway – whether you call it “MVP” or not – good website and user experience design often says less is more.

There are several “influencers” that come to mind that are likely driving this trend into the future. Mobile traffic behavior being one major one – mobile users aren’t going to click all around your site – they’ll look at one or two pages and if they don’t find what they’re looking for – they’ll go elsewhere.

Another factor in today’s fragmented digital world is a trend toward shorted attention spans. Users don’t have the patience or time to “deep dive” like they used to on sites. They want to quickly assess if they’re in the right place or not and figure out the next step – how to make contact or purchase a product etc.

A concise website with a targeted customer journey that provides a quick payoff will out perform a giant website with lots of links and content that is trying to be all things for all people.

If you are worried about reaching “critical mass” to attract Google organic search traffic, consider adding dedicated landing pages that are well targeted with specific call-to-actions to achieve the desired results.

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