Aurora WDC

Customer: Aurora WDC
Agency Partner: Vojvdec & Sigma
Industry: Business Research & Intelligence
Project: Logo Identity, website development, sales collateral and event

Logo Identity
Website Design & Development
Event Signage and Name Badges
Sales Collateral

Aurora WDC, a global research, technology and learning company, was looking for a more cohesive brand identity to tie their three core offerings together – Aurora GPS, FirstLight, and RECONVERGE. To accomplish this goal, a series of logos was developed to link the three offerings together ‘visually’ while allowing each to have it’s own unique identity.

The series of logos convey a strong, modern brand and represent the company well in it’s endeavors which includes the annual three day RECONVERGE: G2 Intelligence Leadership Symposium in Madison, Wisconsin.

Along with the brand logos, sales collateral, tradeshow graphics and event materials were designed to project the brand footprint across both digital and traditional media.

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